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Seawall Repair and Seawall Cap Repair

Many of the seawalls and seawall caps throughout southwest Florida are 50+ years old. After that many years of exposure to the harsh marine environment the seawalls and caps begin to move and crack, and are in need of repair.  If you have any cracks in your seawall or seawall cap, or have erosion holes behind the wall call Florida Shoreline today 877-552-4825 or 941-504-2216.  We will provide a free inspection of the seawall (and dock and boat lift if needed) and a written estimate for any seawall repairs which may be needed.

Cracking Seawall Cap, Palmetto, FL
Cracking Seawall Cap, Palmetto, FL

Often a new seawall is not needed, just a new seawall cap.  This customer had numerous cracks in the seawall cap, and parts of it had fallen off.  In addition to the problems with the cap, several erosion holes had developed behind the wall.  Florida Shoreline was brought in to solve the problem.  


Seawall Cap Repair, New Steel and Tiebacks

The New Seawall Cap Almost Ready To Be Poured

Utilizing the existing seawall panels, new concrete and steel is formed and poured on top and around the existing seawall cap.  At the same time new tiebacks and deadmen are installed, and any erosion holes behind the seawall are repaired.

With a new seawall cap, tiebacks, and deadmen to secure the wall the life expectancy of the wall can be extended 10-20 years; while saving approximately 50% of the cost of a new seawall.  Without a new seawall cap the wall may be in danger of falling in during the next heavy rain.  Don’t let that happen to you, call Florida Shoreline today! 


Seawall Cap Repair, and Boat Dock

New Seawall Cap and Boat Dock, Palmetto, FL


Seawall Cap Repair, Palmetto, FL

New Seawall Cap, Before the Sod is Placed