Not everyone likes the new composite decking materials.  This customer on Siesta Key, FL chose to stay with the traditional look of wood. But before the new deck and boat dock could be built the cracking and failing seawall cap needed replacing.

With older seawalls, often the entire wall does not need replacing, just the seawall cap.  Here, the seawall cap was removed and a new cap and tieback system was installed.  The new seawall cap will provide 10-20 years more life to the wall.  A much less expensive option than replacing the entire seawall.

Both the upland deck and boat dock were rebuilt using Sundeck pressure treated decking.  There are many different grades of wood decking; Sundeck is the “top of line” pressure treated decking.  Sundeck comes with all radius edges, .40 ACQ pressure treatment, and a paraffin water repellent applied by the manufacturer which all provides a long lasting and enjoyable looking wood deck or dock.

Not only does this deck and boat dock have the very best pressure treated decking, but it also has stainless steel deck screws and carriage bolts.

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 before old wood deck and dock

BEFORE - The old wood deck and dock

 new seawall deck and dock

AFTER - New seawall cap, deck and dock

 failing cap and boat dock

BEFORE - Failing cap and old deck

 seawall cap

Seawall cap during construction

poured seawall cap 

Poured seawall cap