service department

With over 18 years’ experience constructing and repairing all types of waterfront structures you can trust Florida Shoreline to inspect, service, and repair your seawall, boat dock, davits, or boat lift.


boat lift repairs sarasotaOur experienced staff can repair any make or model of boat lift, no matter who installed it or how long ago.  A few of the boat lift services we provide are:

  • Inspect, grease, and service the boat lift
  • Adjust and reposition the bunk boards and guideposts for a new boat
  • Rewrap cables:  An often needed service when the lift is let down too far
  • Replace the cable:  Recommend by manufacturers to be done every five years
  • Bunk board replacement:  Wood or aluminum
  • Guide post replacement
  • Bottom cradle replacement:  Replace old, rusted, galvanized beams with new aluminum beams
  • New boat lift motors:  Typically every 5-8 years


If you have a DECO Boat Lift, Synergy Boat Lift, Ace Boat Lift, Hi-Tide Boat Lift, ABL/Lifetime Boat Lift, IMM Boat Lift, Quality Boat Lift, Golden Boat Lift, Swinger Boat Lift, Shore Station Boat Lift, Neptune Boat Lift, Hurricane Boat Lift, Dolphin Boat Lift, Magnum Boat Lift, or any other brand our experienced staff can get your lift up and running with the right parts and at the right price.


A seawall should last 50+ years but they do require maintenance, especially the older ones.  A few of the repair services we provide for seawalls are:

  • Erosion hole repair:  very common in older concrete walls
  • Weep hole installation:  often combined with erosion hole repair to help prevent future failure
  • New tiebacks:  if the wall has minor movement often a tieback or two will stop it
  • Minor seawall cap repair:  can prolong or prevent future replacement



Boat Dock Maintenance

Boat docks also need a little attention before they need replacing.  A few service we provide for boat docks are:

  • Deck board replacement and new decking:  We can make your dock look like new again
  • Replace rotting cross bracing:  wood under water doesn’t last long
  • Dock piling wrapping:  often we can wrap a rotting piling before it’s too late
  • Dock piling replacement:  if only a few pilings are rotted there is no need to replace the entire dock
  • New ladders, piling caps and/or fish tables
  • Fixed or floating dock repairs

Maintaining your waterfront structures is similar to maintaining your car; investing a little money in service and preventative maintenance will help find and prevent small problems before they become large expensive ones.

All Florida Shoreline employees are properly covered with Longshoremen Insurance to work over the water.  DON’T LET AN UNINSURED HANDYMAN DO THIS WORK.  If he gets hurt you may have to pay his medical bills