Attention to detail and solid client relationships has earned Florida Shoreline a reputation for being a very honest and reputable company.

Our clients often become our friends as a result of the service and experience they received while working with our team. It is this pride in personal relationships that forms the foundation for Florida Shoreline & Foundation Experts continued success. Quality craftsmanship, honest up-front business style, and a knowledgeable, friendly staff is what you should expect from us.

INSPECTIONS AND ESTIMATES - If you have any concerns regarding your foundation or anything along the waterfront call us today for a no obligation inspection and quote.

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 Foundation Repairs Shoreline Restoration and Lake Dredging
 Boat Docks, Decks and Boat Lifts
New Construction Rock Revetments - Rip Rap
Seawalls and Retaining Walls
Seawall Tiebacks and Marine Applications
Rock Revetments - Rip Rap
Excavation Walls

Walkway and Boardwalk Foundation Anchors

Lighting Foundations