Attention to detail and solid client relationships has earned Florida Shoreline a reputation for being a very honest and reputable company.

Our clients often become our friends as a result of the service and experience they received while working with our team. It is this pride in personal relationships that forms the foundation for Florida Shoreline & Foundation Experts continued success. Quality craftsmanship, honest up-front business style, and a knowledgeable, friendly staff is what you should expect from us.

INSPECTIONS AND ESTIMATES - If you have any concerns regarding your foundation or anything along the waterfront call us today for a no obligation inspection and quote.

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 Foundation Repairs Shoreline Restoration and Lake Dredging
 Boat Docks, Decks and Boat Lifts
New Construction Dredging around Docks and Boat Lifts Seawalls and Retaining Walls
Seawall Tiebacks and Marine Applications Rock Revetments - Rip Rap Rock Revetments - Rip Rap
Excavation Walls

Walkway and Boardwalk Foundation Anchors

Lighting Foundations